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  • Jason Neal
    General Manager
    (877) 414-1962

    Hey I'm Jason Neal, the General Manager at Sunset Chrysler. I believe the most important part of our business is to have all of our customers well taken care of and to make sure they are provided with the best experience around. I'm always here for my customers so always feel free to come in and ask for me. I am always happy to assist in any way I can.

  • Brandon "Champ" Champion
    Assistant Sales Manager
    (877) 414-1962

    I'm Champ, the Used Car Manager at Sunset. I work closely with my sales team and my customers to make sure we function the best we can to get our customers the best deal. It's always a positive day with us and there's no one that'll treat you better. I have been selling for 18 years now, beginning in 1997 and have loved it ever since. I look forward to helping out anytime!

  • Mike Poe
    Finance Manager
    (877) 414-1962

    My name is Mike Poe. I am the Finance Manager here at Sunset. I've been doing this for years, and I really enjoy it. Working with the customers and meeting their needs keeps my day going. I can't imagine being anywhere else other than our little homey Sunset Chrysler. Anytime you have questions about finance or anything else I might can help you with just give me a call and I'll be happy to help.

  • Lee Wall
    Sales Professional

    I'm new to the car business, but I've always worked to sell things. From farm equipment to cars,  I can sell it all. I am a retired Airlines Captain.  I sell here at Sunset to keep me busy and because its a great career with excellent coworkers and the best customers. I do this because I love it. My office is always available here at Sunset Chrysler.

  • Jake Poe
    Sales Professional
    (877) 414-1962

    I've been in the business for about one and half years now. I'm known for knowing my inventory and creating a great relationship with my customers. If you have any questions or need further information on any of our vehicles, feel free to call or text me. I'm here Monday-Friday and most Saturdays.

  • Chaquita Whayley
    Sales Professional
    (877) 414-1962

    Hi! I'm Chaquita Whaley. They call me Quita for short. I'm the newest here to the team at Sunset Chrysler, but the most determined! I'm falling in love with our products down here and I'm excited to show them to our customers. Come on down here to see me at Sunset Chrysler today, and lets get you the best deal around!

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